Our practitioners work with clients globally. We facilitate high-impact workshops (on-location and on-line) bringing ValueMaps to teams, organizations and places. Together developing the right-fit approach to 'unleash the power within'.

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How it works

We invite people (from 5 to more than 1000) to answer two online questions. This takes 10 minutes. From their answers, the web-based tool instantly creates ValueMaps. These maps are unique profiles visualizing identities and values. Depending on the scale of the organization, we organise one or more (virtual) workshops.


The ValueMaps accelerate a dialogue. We stimulate participants to enter into a conversation and share stories about what thrives them. It’s this collective experience that creates necessary commitment for action. There are three stages for preparing, conducting and wrapping-up a workshop. The basic set-up is easy, it always works.


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For me and for the people within Selikor NV the ValueMaps worked very effectively. In my experience there are few methods that can describe reality in such a creative way, covering all details in a realistic manner. A ValueMap is like a mirror in which you see the different faces of the organization: from the great sides to the less pleasant.


Wesley Kook,
CEO Selikor NV, Curacao


About the ValueMaps - during the workshop participants were very proud and energetic. As a team they have never been so far in their thinking about the development of their organization. During the whole project the ValueMaps were our guides and backbones. 

Raf Vanzeer
Director at beopledd, Belgium


The ValueMaps have helped us to move forward with our burning issues. We looked into a mirror, realized who we are and being able to take appropriate action. I can recommend ValueMaps to any organization that wants to understand more about its underlying foundations and focus on what it is best at.

Holger Nauheimer,
Founder ChangeDays, Germany